Creating Wealth to build a Nation

2 Nov 2018 | Back to Blog

A nation is only as strong as its people and its companies. Driven by a belief in this philosophy, as well as a client-first approach to business, VM Wealth Management is committed to nation building. By providing custom corporate financing solutions, VM Wealth creates opportunities for companies to thrive. With a desire to focus on medium to large corporate entities in the import substitution niche, the VM Wealth team is doing more than structuring lucrative deals, they’re improving Jamaica’s economic environment.

As part of the VM Group’s push to become a strong integrated financial entity and a model corporate citizen, the recapitalisation of VM Investments Ltd (VMIL) was initiated in 2017. VMIL was restarted as a vehicle to facilitate corporate lending and investing in support of properly structured Jamaican businesses.

Since then, ably managed by the VM Wealth team, VMIL has successfully raised J$1.5 billion of debt by way of a private placement and J$680M by way of an equity raise. The company has played a critical role in promoting investment opportunities as a formidable player in the capital market sphere. Through VMIL, VM Wealth currently finances:

  • Entities facilitating import substitutions, specifically agriculture and agro-processing businesses
  • Businesses who export or have strong export potential
  • Companies at various stages of development, including angel and venture capital investment opportunities
  • Non-traditional financing such as receivables financing and factoring
  • Companies with a positive social impact, such as renewable energy businesses aimed at reducing the cost of energy

Supporting import substitution and exporters has a positive impact on the exchange rate, while contributing to the growth of Jamaican producers, manufacturers and other businesses in their ecosystems. Non-traditional financing provides opportunities for growth that keep companies going. And backing renewable energy alleviates a significant cost for most manufacturers, leading to greater profitability and job creation.

As part of a comprehensive suite of corporate advisory services, VM Wealth arranges financing for government-related infrastructure development. We arrange for the listing of companies on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, providing opportunities for ordinary Jamaicans to participate in the ownership of companies.

Our team members are also doing their part as active volunteers in the VMBS-British Council ‘Social Enterprises in School’ initiative. The programme aims to provide at-risk young people in Jamaica with enhanced opportunities for sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families. Though not a financial product or service, this contribution to community cohesion and social inclusion is invaluable to national development.

Corporate finance is how VM Wealth contributes to the country’s economic development. As businesses grow, they’re able to create more opportunities for Jamaicans. They’re also able to finance government-related initiatives, directly through their corporate social responsibility arm and indirectly through increased funding becoming available for government spending. When companies do well, we all do well. After all, a rising tide floats all ships.