Ocho Rios Orchid Society & VMWM Meet & Greet June 11, 2017

16 Feb 2018 | Back to Events


The Ocho Rios Orchid Society held its June meeting on Sunday the 11th at the residence of  President , Pam Chong and her husband Paul .

The evening dubbed “An Evening of Orchids, Wealth and Wine” saw Sharon Sterling, VMWM’s Marketing Manager who is, herself, a widely respected authority on pest control for orchid varieties gave advice on how to manage orchids during the rainy season. Also, Mrs. Karlene Mullings, Sales and Client Relations Manager for VMWM gave an overview of company’s portfolio. She had the rapt attention of the audience as she outlined the range of competitive products and services offered by VMWM.

The final segment had attendees then retreated to the pool deck,  framed by various orchids in full bloom,  for  the Chef Ricardo Esson catered fare and the much anticipated  and wine presentation by wine connoisseur, Marilyn Bennett.

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