Bond Trading

We provide expert investment
guidance to help you achieve your high-yield objectives.

Your goals. Delivered.

Are you looking for a secure investment option to help you meet your medium to long term goals? Bonds are the answer! They are an important part of a strategically-balanced portfolio at every stage of an investor's life.

Whether you are just starting out in your career, already enjoying retirement or are somewhere in between, you should consider including Bonds as a part of your investment portfolio, as they can play a role in achieving your financial objectives no matter where you are in the financial lifecycle. In addition, Bond yields are typically above Repo rates.


Bonds provide:

  • A steady stream of income to take care of your living expenses
  • Tax-deferred returns (depending on the type of bond)
  • Investment stability to help safeguard against the volatility of the stock market
  • Potential high rates of return and capital growth
  • An opportunity to save for medium-to-long-term purchases

Our team of experienced wealth advisors will guide you through the various options available and make solid recommendations based on what best suits your needs.

Bonds are available in Jamaican dollars, US dollars and other major currencies. Minimum investments depend on the bond of interest and can be based on blocks of 1,000 par or 100,000 par.

Product features may change from time to time without notice and products are subject to availability.