Lending Solutions

We help you manage your cash flow
and achieve your objectives
at competitive interest rates.

'Competitive rates' are just the start.

At VM Wealth, you have ready access to loan solutions such as margin loan financing. Leveraging the value of your financial securities as collateral to access financing, while keeping your investment strategy on track is a sensible approach to accelerate your investments and increase your wealth.

Lending Solutions

Margin Loans

Let VM Wealth finance your investment purchases today. Increase your securities portfolio and enhance your returns with minimal cash. If you are in need of short term funding but do not want to disrupt your investments, look no further, a margin loan solution is the product for you. Find out more

Insurance Premium Financing

We also offer insurance premium financing at competitive rates, which allows you to borrow to finance insurance premiums on motor vehicles or property for business or personal use, without utilising your cash flow or selling assets. Find out more