Fixed Income

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Are you seeking a steady income stream with minimal risk? Whatever your goals or objectives, VM Wealth Management has a fixed income solution to enable you to create and preserve wealth.

Fixed Income Solutions

Repo Max

Are you looking for a competitive yet secure investment solution for your personal or business portfolio? The VM Wealth Repo Max is just right for you. Find out more

Treasury Bills

If flexibility and liquidity and the achieving of short-term goals are your needs, speak to one of our Advisors about our Treasury Bill product. Find out more

Certificates of Deposit

If a short-term highly liquid and secure investment instrument is more your style then Certificates of Deposit (CD) is the right investment option. Find out more

Commercial Paper

If you are risk averse and considering investment options, speak to one of our Advisors about our Commercial Paper offering. Find out more

Corporate Bonds

Having Medium to Long Term objectives and want high yields? Then corporate bonds are the ideal investment solution for you. Find out more

Revised Retail Repurchase Agreement Information

Effective August 17, 2015, all securities purchased under a retail repurchase agreement will be held in trust by the Jamaica Central Securities Depository Trustee Services (JCSDTS) Limited and not with securities brokers/dealers such as VM Wealth Management (VMWM). Find out more.

In 2011, VM Wealth became an active arranger of bonds for corporate entities. VM Wealth has committed to become arranger for companies which are financially sound and have an excellent management team.