Unit Trust

Diversify your portfolio with a range
of investment options.

High achiever? High returns.

Unit Trust Funds

A unit trust is a form of collective investment which is constituted by a trust deed. Unit trusts are open ended investments vehicles which are used to gain exposure to a multiple of different investment strategies including fixed income, equities and real estate or a combination of these.

It allows investors to take advantage of investment opportunities in a wide variety of instruments which would not normally be available to them as individual investors.

Why VM Wealth's Unit Trust?

At Victoria Mutual, our range of financial products and service offerings are designed to provide you with the best options as you save towards your goals of creating a better future for yourself and your family. Having a diversified investment portfolio is a wise option for medium and long term financial planning.

  • A diverse range of financial assets
  • High liquidity giving you easy access to your money when you want or need it
  • Potentially higher returns compared to Repo Investments and Deposit Accounts
  • An increase in the unit price resulting in a high potential for capital gains
  • Simple to understand with easy tracking of your returns
  • An experienced team of Professional Fund Managers will provide expert management of the Unit Trust Portfolios

Investment Funds

Our range of investment funds include:

  • Jamaican and US dollar Soverign and Corporate Bonds from CARICOM, USA, Canada and Europe
  • Government of Jamaica Bonds
  • Stocks of local and international companies

Maximise your return. Up to 7% per annum on USD investments.

VM Wealth's Unit Trust produces yields of up to 7% per annum on USD and 8.60% on JMD. With low management fees, no sales fee, holding period or penalty fees we ensure your portfolio is optimized to earn you the maximum return on your investment. We pride ourselves on being your investment partner as you build your financial independence.

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